The pride of the company is the ecological cultivation of mushrooms! 

The pride of the company is the ecological cultivation of mushrooms! Wierzbno Mushroom Farm exports as much as 80% of the 9000 tons of produced mushrooms to customers in Europe. For 18 years, the company of the Jachimowicz family has been recognizable on the English market, and for 26 years has been cooperating with such brands as Carrefour and Pizza Hut – from the very beginning of their business in Poland.

We develop our family brand with pride.

The company of the Jachimowicz family has at its disposal the highest quality equipment necessary at every stage of production, starting from the regulation of air temperature and humidity, through cultivation, harvesting, packing and transport. Thanks to the production liquidity, the company offers permanent availability of mushrooms for the gourmets. The quality and freshness of our products is also guaranteed by our own, specially prepared transport, thanks to which the mushrooms reach the ustomers on time, always well protected and at first hand.

Green solutions

The mushroom farm uses energy-saving heat pumps and collectors (so-called solar panels) powered by clean solar energy, using a renewable energy source and characterized by the lowest cost of heat generation. Sunlight is also used to generate electricity in photovoltaic systems mounted on the roof of the farm and employee hotel. The entire plant is equipped with energy-saving LED lighting only. The mushroom farm, replacing traditional heating sources with world-class equipment, is in line with the ecological trend, which is becoming an essential direction of development of almost every socially responsible business. Thanks to the use of “green solutions”, the company reduces the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere without polluting the air we all breathe.

You have not much left but to visit the green Wierzbno and discover its mushroom taste!

Conditions at the highest level.
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The company

38 years ago, Mirosław Jachimowicz founded a family business, which over time has become one of the most dynamic production plants in Poland.


07-111 Wierzbno, Wierzbno 58 Poland (masovian)

Email: pieczarkarnia.wierzbno@interia.pl

Growing of mushrooms

The priority of Wierzbno Mushroom Farm is to meet the growing requirements of our customers in terms of quality and safety of the mushrooms delivered.